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Bose QC 35ii

Hey guys,


so I bought the Bose qc25 cable with the inline mic with the hope to be able to use my Bose qc 35ii on my xbox one. That ended up not working so instead I bought the Corsair HS60 that came with that Aux to USB adaptor. I then bought myself a gaming pc and tried out using the Bose QC35ii with the In-line mic cable and the Aux to USB adaptor on my Pc and everything works perfectly fine. It all worked from the start on with no problems. Prior to this I was looking everywhere on the internet on how to connect the QC35 to my pc but couldn't find a solution.


Basically the question is: how to connect a headset with inline mic to a PC and get both the sound and mic to work.


Have I coincidentally found a solution to this or is this known.? I was hopelessly searching the web but without solution.


What is the term for such an Adaptor?





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