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8TB Toshiba N300 vs 6TB WD Red for Home NAS

Has anyone used a 8TB Toshiba N300 in a NAS before and if so what is it like (particularly for noise)?


I currently have an Unraid server (used as a Home NAS for Plex media streaming, running VMs, file sharing and to hold PC backups) running 1 6TB WD Red and 3 4TB WD Red drives (all hanging inside a Fractal Design Node 804 case) but I'm starting to run low on disk space so I am looking to upgrade.


I was looking at replacing a 4TB WD Red with a 6TB version for about £165 but saw that the Toshiba 8TB drive for under £200 (which is within my budget). My NAS is in my living room so noise is my biggest concern but I can't find much info online regarding noise for the Toshiba drive. I went for WD Red's over Seagate Ironwolfs mainly because the WD Reds sounded ever so slightly better in my setup.


Spec wise the Toshiba N300 seems better as it has 2TB more disk space, a larger cache and a farter RPM but if it's any noisier than the WD Reds it's probably not what I am looking for.

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I know this is quite old, but I thought I'd add my thoughts.


I had been running WD Reds (6TB) for a few years now. One of those just died so I was forced to replace them. I ended up purchasing the N300 due to their value at the higher capacity. I got 6TB again as my storage requirement has actually shrunk.


Suffice to say I've been really happy. They are sitting in a hardware RAID 1 (two of them obviously) on an old Z210 Sandybridge media server, but they do the job just fine. Noise wise I found them very similar. Just keep an eye on temps :)

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