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Help for New gpu on a Dell XPS-8900

Hello, I have recently become interested in upgrading the graphics card in my dell XPS-8900 after noticing the gtx 745 isn't suitable for some games. I am planning to use an Asus gtx 1060 turbo. I chose this because it will expel all of the hot air from the card outside the case because the case is the stock one and I don't want to risk overheating. The specs for the computer are as following;

i7 6700 (stock cooler, may replace if needed)

Current gpu gtx 745

Stock motherboard

450w power supply, stock one

32gb RAM (4x8 hynix)

Crucial 512gb ssd

Seagate 2tb hdd

My main concern is uninstalling old drivers (if that's needed) and also, I am unsure if the stock 450w psu is enough for the 1060. Also, all the fans are currently, one exhaust, one for the CPU cooler, and the one on the graphics card. Thanks for the help!



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Why replace a stock cooler on a non-K CPU? Also, does your PSU have a 8-pin connector for a 1060?

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