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Is this crowdfunding a scam?

The same crowdfunding for Taihe Gemini 15.6" portable monitors exist on Kickstar and IndieGoGo. However, the IndieGoGo one looks fake. I've never used crowdfunding before. 


Wondering if its a huge mistake that I can take advantage of. Or this this type of thing normal where people create exact same crowdfunding of existing products to steal people's money? Since it says Indiegogo cannot refund your money only the creator can. 


For Kickstarter

Owner: UNICK

Over 741k Raised

It says $80 OFF our retail value of $299! And is the correct 219 price.



For IndieGoGo

Owner: Adam Morros

Under 1k Raised

It says save 80$ off 299$ which is 219 but the buy price is 80$. Also the crossed out price is 199$. The rest of the perks are the same the buy price is the save XX$ price. 

Also it says KS special instead of Indiegogo special. 


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