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OnePlus 6T or Note 9 if price didn't matter?


Currently rocking the Motorolla Moto G5. I love this phone to bits but it's time that I upgrade.


I was offered the choice of the OnePlus 6T or the Note 9, both for the same price.


Which would you guys get and why? The phone will mainly be used for content consumption as well as media (as well as a lot of communication).



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Technically the Note 9 is better, but I just couldn't bring myself to get one given the software.  It's not terrible, but it's that usual top-heavy Samsung stuff, and you can't help but wonder if/when it'll bog down and how many months it'll take to get a software update.


OnePlus isn't perfect, but there is a sense that it cares about long-term performance and offering OS updates in a semi-timely fashion.

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Note 9 "checks far more boxes". Higher res display, bigger battery, Qi Charging, official IP68, SD Slot, Headphone Jack, More features with the Software (Samsung Experience is past.. OneUI is new now, and it has a lot of potencial, and does alot of things right) and of course the absolute Killerfeature that NOONE else has: S-pen for hand written notes, signs etc.



Oneplus 6t has the OxygenOS Software experience going for it. Clean stock android, with nice additions at the right places.



If you really get both for the same Price (and more like: Note 9 for the same Price as OP6t, and NOT vice versa), i would probably get the Note 9. You have pretty much nothing missing there.

You would need to be a die-hard Samsung-software hater, or OxygenOS lover, to chose the Oneplus 6t over the Note 9 for the same Price - but even that would be valid.


I personally went from my old S7 Edge to the Oneplus 6t, and i am very pleased. Not everything is perfect, but for the Price (579€) i like it alot, and i preferedit OVER a Galaxy S9 +.

For a comparison: Note 9 costs 780-799€ here still, so.. it's very valid for me to chose a OP6t over Note 9. If i could've gotten a Note 9 for as low as 579€~, i might have chosen that one.





And, to mention, what @Commodus mentioned. Samsung phones tend to start lagging / slow down (like, needing a few more seconds to think for basic stuff), after a while. My S7 Edge started doing that after... 1 to 1,5 years, and it never got better. Not with Android 8 Oreo update, not with a completely Wipe and re-flash with odin. But maybe my Impression of that was not compareable, because i simply got used to it.


There is a chance, Samsung's new OneUI will not suffer something similar, like Samsung Experience did, or Touchwiz before that.


It depends what's important for you.

Minimalistic  clean vanilla android experience, focus on pure speed, and rather less bloat than more? Oneplus.

Want to "check more boxes" in terms of specs and features? Note 9.

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