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PC doesn't start up after installing LAN and AUDIO drivers.


Literally just finished building a PC an hour ago, downloaded chrome and downloaded the LAN and AUDIO drivers from MSI, after installation rebooted PC, the pc turned on but the CPU fan wasn't spinning and the screen was black and wouldn't turn on. Held down the power button to turn it off and turn it back on, this time it turned on, but the PC showed a black screen with only the mouse after logging into windows. Help? (Didn't update the BIOS straight away as well.)


BIOS version: Default out of the box
Motherboard: MSI b450m pro m2

Cpu: Amd ryzen 2200g

RAM: 8gb 2x4 Ripjaws V series 2800mhz

No gpu.

Using integrated VEGA 8 graphics. 


Any help would be apprecited, thanks! also reset the pc and it booted up fine again, just want to know how i can avoid this when I download the drivers again.


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