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Dual Monitor Issue


Hey everyone! I have a little bit of a problem and am wondering if there is any possible "fix"...


So I recently bought the 240Hz G-Sync Asus monitor(PG258Q) on DP and as the second monitor I now have is a standard 60Hz monitor on HDMI. I was kinda reading and apperantly its a very common issue... When I play a game and am using g-sync + 240Hz on main monitor it will be laggy if there is any "animated" things going on the second screen. For example any moving image on the second screen will make it lag on the main one... Gifs, stream preview, flashing icons,... Is there any way to make it not lag? I already tried plugging the 2nd monitor into the motherboard, but my PC just can't handle it and that is not an option...


Any help/info is appreciated ^^

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