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Lot of blue screens, and swaping ram in order to make it work


First, i will talk about the problem i got, the last week i was watching a youtube video on chrome, and then it suddenly crashes, so i restared my pc, and when it tried to boot, it was just constatly rebooting over and over again without any image on the display, so,i swap the ram, i have 2 ram sticks, and i swaped them into the same slots, and it started again without problem, and then when i opened a video again in chrome, it crashed again, so at this point i was concern of what is happening, first thing i did was to remove battery from motherboard and disconect from power and reset my motherboard, then i downloaded and installed the lastest bios version, tried to run windows again and still crashing, so i reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 10, and the problem now is more consistent, if i open windows options i get the bluescreen, so i think that was a problem related with the ram sticks, i removed one and run memtest without getting errors, the same successful result with the second ram stick, at this point i dont know what can it be, any idea?


OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

BIOS Version: F8

CPU: i7 4790k stock speeds

MOBO: Gigabyte Z97 UD3H BK
RAM: Kingston Hyper X Fury (2x8gb) 2400mHz(running at 1600mHz)

GPU: Asus 750ti 2gb
Case: Thermaltake versa c22

PSU: Corsair CX750W






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