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USB power surge,windows wont startup


Last night i had power surge message on usb from windows 10
This is what happened:
I came to my laptop ,srceen saver was on after idle for several minutes,i just moved my mouse,i was on my destkop again i unplugged from usb ports:android charger and mouse and unplugged power supply(to put it on battery mode which was full)i wanted to pick up laptop(everything working normally)then i forgot to do somthing on it i put back mouse to usb port and mouse is not working and later comes message usb power surge,i unnplug and plug again still same message,i unnplug mouse,used touchpad to get meaning of that error and try to fix it,os could not fix it then i try restarting pc,it went off then back again,first i notice lenovo logo is longer in loading screen i guess its bios from motherboard loading(ussual it takes less than 1 second almost like blink)now it took like 35-40 seconds then after loading screen is just blank like it wont load operating system,i waited for like 3-4 min then had to force shut down holding power button,after i tried again to turn it up after 5 min still same processes happen,i tried again after 20 mins still happens same.I decided to do nothing ask u guys and girls for help and probbably i will use my guarantee and bring laptop to service where i bought it.

Im just wondering what could be cause of damage,is it damage too big like processor or mobo gone i dont know or is it just hard disk problem.
Laptop is fairly new its lenovo ideapad 320 15 isk,i3 6006u nvidia 920mx,one hard disk(system on it installed),one ssd disk,4gb ram.

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you should send it for repair, we can't really know what went wrong with it.

Quote or Tag people so they know that you've replied.

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