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what monitor arm would let me stack two ultrawides?


so the setup would be:


AW3418DW on the bottom, this monitor could either be free standing or mounted on a monitor arm, i don't mind which. the dimensions of which are 81.345cm wide, 36.368cm tall with a weight of 7.27kg


on the top of the stack would be the Dell U3415W which is 82.47cm and 40.87cm tall and weighs 8.44kg. This one would need a monitor arm.


the AW3418DW would go as low as possible in any case to facilitate this. I feel like a monitor stack would be more productive than two ultrawides side by side which would involve a lot of side to side head movement if i needed to see all the way from one side to the other whereas vertically i can look up instead to the secondary monitor.





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