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Logitech G933 artemis spectrum snow


I a got a weird problem with my Logitech g933 it disconnects at random when i play rainbow six siege and some times at other games. (this doesn't appear on my ps4 ?)
Applications i got running are Discord, Steam, Logitech gaming software, Ubisoft (only for siege) and sometimes my browser Firefox.

Things i tried but didn't help.
Close programs like Logitech or discord.
Delete Logitech (it only delay the problem a tiny bit)(and my macro's don't work on my keyboard when the program isn't running).
Use a different PC.
I clean installed my PC and tried every single application on its own but still the problem stayed.
Tried a different power source (and cable) for charging my headset
Set my lighting on different settings. (like breathing, static and off)
Reset my headset and re paired my headset to the dongle.
And tried different USB ports on my PC for the dongle

And yet nothing doesn't work
(contacted Logitech they can't help me either ?)

(pc info)
MSI 970 gaming
AMD FX 8320
AMD Radeon R9 200 series
Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB DDR3 DIMM 1600

keyboard Logitech G910
mouse Logitech G403

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