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Mid-tower for watercooling with lots of airflow?


Hey guys, I've been looking for a new home for my current rig for a while, but I'm not really getting anywhere so I decided to sign up and just ask here^^.

It needs to fit a 280mm rad + d5 pump and res, a disk drive (yes I'm still using it sometimes don't ask), and 2 HDD's.

I'm only watercooling my GPU, so I'd prefer it if the rad was front-mounted, as I don't want to have to cram it right next to my CPU cooler. I don't need glass side panels or anything fancy like that, but I'd be willing to pay the extra amount if everything else justifies it.

Really I want as much airflow as possible without having to go for a full tower, so lots of mesh is probably good. I really don't want any weird gaps that can't be covered with dust filters though. 


Does anyone have any good recommendations? Thanks!

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On 1/6/2019 at 12:38 PM, VwdNkoo said:

It needs to fit a 280mm rad + d5 pump and res

Since you have a custom loop, you're gonna need to specify which rad, and also the size of the reservoir. Most cases only list AIO Rad compatibility which assume a 27mm rad


Assuming it's not thicker than 30mm (But these cases can take thicker rads in some instances)

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