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It's Elk Not Moose - Minecraft Bedrock Realm


It's Elk not Moose is a small, European based survival Realm in Bedrock. We have been running for a little over two months now. If you're looking for a casual, fun place to simply enjoy the game and maybe hunt some achievements, you're in the right place.


Our short list of rules is: Don't touch someone else's builds/stuff without permission, and once you venture out from the spawn area, settle far enough from other players. We have two shared projects: the spawn and a castle build, but for the most part we just do our own things, and help each other out when asked. We don't have a required minimum age, level of build skill or anything like that. Just be nice to everyone, and don't create any unnecessary kerfuffle.


We process applications in Discord. Feel free to hop in if you have questions, or simply leave them below.

It's Elk not Moose Discord

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