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Monitor Upgrade and Setting


Hi guys, i'm playing PUBG and currently using GTX 1070 Zotac AMP Edition (Didn't touch any setting) and R7 2700X @4.0 GHz (also didn't touch any setting), and 16 GB ram


and now, i'm planning to upgrade from a quite good IPS 60 Hz monitor to a high refresh rate monitor,

i don't mind whether it's 120 Hz or 144 Hz (coz from what i see, my GTX 1070 rarely pull more than 120 Hz, it's sitting at 80-100 FPS at all ultra setting),

when i put all the setting to very low, it doesn't improve so much. so i need 2 helps here,


1. High Refresh Rate monitor that you recommended around 250 dollar (i could go to 300 but i also need to save for my plan to study abroad),

yeah every dollar matter. but playing PUBG on 60 Hz monitor is half killing me so i have no choice. However i prefer not a TN panel.

but i'm on budget maybe tolerable cheapest high refresh rate IPS (or maybe VA, but it's hard to go back from IPS) monitor is what i prefer.


2. maybe secret setting on NVIDIA or the PUBG game it self or tips on OC to helps squeeze all performance to get more FPS at PUBG


for all your help, big thanks from me

(any help will be very useful)

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