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Unraid wont boot from my Nvidia gpu (ryzen build)



Its my first time here posting a query, i dont even know if its the right place to post but since i tried to make an unraid system by watching linus video here i am.


First of all , this is my build,


CPU - amd ryzen 1600 

Mobo - asus rog strix b450 f-gaming

RAM - corsair vengence 2x8gb ram

GPU 1 - zotac 1060 amp! edition 6gb

GPU 2 - msi r7 240 2gb

NVMe SSD 1 - samsung 970evo 250gb

NVMe SSD 2 - samsung 970evo 250gb

SATA HDD 1 - Seagate ironwolf 4tb

SATA HDD 2 - Seagate ironwolf 4tb

SATA HDD 3 - Seagate compute 6tb

SATA HDD 4 - Seagate Desktop 4tb

PSU - Cooler Master 650M 80+ Bronze 

Case - Cooler Master HAF 922 Full atx


i am using unraid version 6.6.6 on a sandisk ultra 16gb usb3.0 . pendrive.


The setup is configured like this,


SATA HDD 1-4 - Array devices 

NVMe SSD 1-2 - Cache Devices

No parity (yes i know but i have ordered a 10tb hdd and it will become the parity so waiting for it)


I have setup the shares, docker and VM.


Here is the problem part, initially i had only one gpu ( 1060) and the unraid would work but as soon as i setup vm and assign the gpu everything would go blank while the vm is still running in the background. knowing that unraid needs two gpu i bought a r7 240 and the problem solved! nope


First of all the motherboard has 3 PCIe x16 slots with first and second slot run at x8 and x4 respectively.


The thing is no matter where i put both the GPU the bios and the unraid console would boot straight from the NVIDIA gpu.

And when this happens i cannot assign the GPU to a vm without me staring at a blank screen. But it will work if i assign it to the AMD gpu.


I tried to set the default PCI bus in the motherboard BIOS to the AMD card but no matter where i put it, it will always boot from the NVIDIA card.


As of now i am stuck with AMD gpu in slot 1 with x8 speed and Nvidia gpu in slot 2 with x4 speed and VM running from the AMD card (using seabios and i44fx-3.0)



I am tired to use Vbios , flash and edit the xml file and install fresh copy of windows. 


Can anyone help me with this (sorry for this long post dont know i just want to solve this problem).


TL;DR - amd ryzen build with no igpu , using dual gpu setup (nvidia 1060 and amd r7 240) but system would boot from nvidia card and vm would only boot from amd. Need it the other way around.




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