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Low Minecarft FPS on Good Computer


These are the spects for my computer-

CPU- Fx-6300 

GPU- Rx 580

Ram- 8GB DDR3 1600

and i cant get over 60 fps and when im in some areas i cant get over 20 

but when i switch the graphics card back to my to the GeForce GTX 750ti i get 100+ mostly over 120

i used the same settings for everything and i dont understand why its doing this to me i see other people who have the rx 560 with over 100 frames when i use thoes same settings i cant get anyware near that im at a loose ive tryed everthing i can think of shot of writting a more compatible driver (dont know how to do lol)


Im going to be building a new computer on 1/6/19 (2 days or so ) 

CPU- Ryzen 5 2600 

GPU- Radeon rx 580

RAM- 16 GB DDR4 2600 Ram

MoBo- MSI B350 Tamahak 


im hoping to see a difference in frames but i wont know till then

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