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WD Blue 4TB Not Working


Okay, so as a first time poster on the LTT Forum, I'm not too sure if people will be able to help. So here it goes: 


I recently came in contact with an HP Elite 8200 SFF PC that I was specifically going to use for Plex for my wife and I, and a few of our close friends. 


When putting the new hard drive in (from a western digital enclosure) my 4TB drive decided that it didn't want to be recongized. As I've just learned, the drive was dropped by my god daughter who's 2. And now when loading it, Linux declares 5 bad sectors..


The drive still pops up in windows, and Linux but nothing wants to touch it as it's unknown (pmbr).


Is there anything that anyone would suggest? I'm running a disk check when I get home from work and will update what I get.

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