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HyperX Cloud Revolver fine tuning and concern

Laurence Brenner

Hello Guys,

I just got a new Headset, its the HyperX Cloud Revolver, but im not happy with it so far. Im by no means an audiophile but I need decent sound quality to a degree that it doesnt ruin my immersion while gaming. Im not having any issues with that so far but if there are any tweaks I can do with my onboard soundcard I would appreciate the tipp. Where my real problem lies is with the microphone quality im getting, it sounds really dull and I don`t know what I can do to change that.. Im not even sure if there is something I can do but when I checked a youtube review the quality appeared to be much higher. So are there little tweaks I can use with onboard sound to get the most of my purchase? Also If you have a suggestion with really good audio and microphone quality with a high degree of long term comfort for around 250€ I would appreciate recommendations.



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Mileage greatly varies when talking about integrated microphones, especially 3.5mm ones. When looking at the videos of others that "showcase the quality of the mic", take what you see/hear for a grain of salt. All you can really do with your sound card is up the sample rate, the bits, and apply any noise filtering options.


Unless you're recording videos, don't worry too much about the quality of your mic. If you do record videos, then you're probably going to be better off with a standing mic.


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