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Computer hangs for a couple seconds and is accompanied with a werid buzz

Hello agian people, I got yet another werid one.


Recently I upgraded from my old FX toaster due to the system dying.(likely VRM failure from oc)And I upgraded to a ryzen CPU so I basically had to replace half my build, only keeping my high quality PSU, Case, and my GPU.

I've been enjoying it for the most part but I've had a couple issues I can't quite pin down the cause. I first had an Issue when I found out my GPU wouldn't hold stable at it's previous OC(Crashing and doing the same hanging up as described above), at first I thought it might of been a micro bottleneck from the FX chip that made it appear stable. So I lowered it some and everything was fine for awhile, until it did it while I was downloading and installing some games. Which the GPU wouldn't be doing much on. So my current thought is maybe my ram since it is the only thing being utilized heavily besides my HHDs. (My OS is on a new SSD so It shouldn't be affected unless the SSD itself is bad) But the reason I'm currently thinking itself the ram is because I have the sticks set at the speeds/timings of the next teir up. But I ran 8 passes of windows memory test and one pass of memtest86 and didn't get a single error. So I'm kinda confused by this so if anyone has had a similar issue and knows what's up please let me know. And as always thanks for taking the time to help. 


Oh and heat isin't a issue my temps stay pretty low.



My Specs:

Msi b350m

Ryzen 5 2600

Evga gtx 1050 Ti

Corsair Vengeance lpx 2444mhz(oc to 2777mhz)

Evga 1000w T2 90plus rated




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