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my computer won't play with FREESYNC ON

I have an AMD RYZEN 3 2200G, bought it on a budget, will upgrade during next two months however for the meantime:


I cannot play games with FREESYNC ON, when I do turn it on and the game is on display, The screen starts with *NO SIGNAL* then it flickers, and there are those scary explosion sounds!, 

i can stop it by CTRL+ALT+DEL get back to desktop and close the game then turn FREESYNC OFF, or by using AMDs overlay there, or DO IT without any vision, like when the screen glitch is happening,

this issue happens with all the games I tried FREESYNC on, which includes : 

- The Witcher 3

-Rise of The Tomb Raider

- League of Legends

- Dark Souls 3

- The Evil Within (1)


now I did try contacting AMD but they are slow and not helping, at one point the AMD CUSTOMER CARE provider just left me, forcing me to open a new ticket about to open a third ticket to get asked same questions but this time the new provider randomly thinks I have a graphics card, now they want me to try the "GRAPHICS CARD" on a "WELL KNOWN" working system which I do not have access to.



I have an MSI B450 TOMAHAWK

with (2x4) 8 GBs of RAM, HyperX Fury "factory OC" 2666Mhz


any help would be appreciated, thank you... i hope my English is clear  

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