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Change Ubuntu home location to HDD instead of SSD


I just split my hard drives to dual boot windows or ubuntu. I want to store everything likes games and storage on my hard drive instead of my ssd. not really sure how to accomplish this. I've used  ubuntu before but that was just off a bootable USB. 

PCPartPicker: z97 Gaming 5 | 750w Photon | 850 Series 250gb SSD | Phanteks Enthoo Pro | LG25um56-P | Corsair K70 RGB | Asus Strix 970 4gb | WD Blue 1TB | Logitech G502 | i7-4790k | H100i GTX w/ (Noctua NF-F12's) | HyperX Fury Black 1x8gb 1866 | NZXT Hue+ |  ATR2500 | ATH-M50x |

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