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Are these PCI-E Riser Cables any good or cheap trash?? Recommendations?


I need two PCI-E riser cables for my wall mounted build I'm putting together over the winter. While searching for some I came across these from Phanteks - they are long, look decent, shielded, separated, and are about 40% cheaper compared to ones from Lian-Li that are known for being good quality. But the thing is I can't find reviews for them or at least my Google-Fu is letting me down.
My build is already massively over budget to the point that I might have to be put off until the latter part of this year if I can't keep the cost down, so these riser cables are extremely appealing but I don't want to end up with a noticeable drop in gaming FPS or erratic and inconsistent performance because of poor quality risers.

So, anyone have any knowledge or experience with these??

Build: The Cake Is A Lie! - (Portal 2 Theme)  Wall Mounted (Exploded View)  Ryzen 5900x • 64GB Team Group Dark Pro (B-Dies) 3600MHz CL16 • ASUS X570-E Gaming • EK Monoblock  MSI RTX 3080 Suprim X  EK Quantum Block  2TB Samsung 980 Pro Gen4 NVME SSD  8TB Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSD  Corsair RM 850X • Dual Hardline Custom Loops... in progress (quick temp loops hooked up)

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