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Weird RGB LED Controller problems - corsair fans


I have a corsair 570x case. it came with 3 SP120 RGB fans, LED module, and control module....Because I read these fans and modules don't play nice with other fans, I bought 3 more of the exact fan (the pack that comes with 3 SP120 RGB fans with an additional control module and remote.

My problem is that the front 3 fans (plugged in to ports 1, 2, 3 on the LED control module) work as normal, but my top 2 and rear 1 exhaust fans (plugged into 4, 5, 6) do not work. 

Here is what I have done (and confirmed)

1) Tried plugging all 6 fans into the extra module (that came with the pack) to ensure the module was working. The same issue: fans 1,2,3 worked, fans 4,5,6 did not.

2) Tried plugging fans 1,2,3 into ports 4,5,6 (reversed the order) and the original ports still worked (now problem reversed, front fans not lighting up, top and rear fan is)

3) Tried plugging each fan into port 1, one at a time, each fan lit up.....

What is going on? is there some sort of software patch? (I wouldnt expect so), do I need to change some kind of setting?

How is it that both controller units could have ports 4, 5, 6 not working....

Please help.

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