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games not syncing to my refresh rate after uninstalling nvidia telemetry


so basically i got tired of nvidia telemetry on my system so i can a command prompt script that you can google for that brings up the official nvidia telemetry uninstaller, and i uninstalled it.


before i mention my issue i have to mention this. i have a 60hz display and i created a custom resolution through nvidias control panel that successfully bumped me up to 76hz stable.


this is my issue. before i uninstalled nvidia telemtry my games were registering the 76hz overclock fine while vsync was turned on in games. the games would give me 76 frames with vsync on just fine. great news right? a bonus 16 frames? hell yea


however, after uninstalling the nvidia telemetry bullshit my games no longer give me 76hz with vsync on. the games will only give me 60.


i've deleted and readded the custom resolution i created in nvidia control panel. i've switched between the overclocked resolution vs standard after deleting and recreating the custom overclocked one.


windows display settings are reading my monitor at 76hz no problem. so why are my games not giving me 76hz with vsync on after uninstalling nvidia telemetry?


why is nvidia such a garbage company that binds everything to their telemetry bullshit? they seriously stole my overclock on my monitor since i removed their telemetry.......like wtf


edit: well it gives me all of my frames in bordless windows mode but not true fullscreen now. very weird behavior

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my guess is you did some collateral damage with your attempts of disabling the telimerty.


by the way, block everything nvidia in your firewall, job done.

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