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Audio Driver random high pitched noise and distortion Rodecaster Pro

Hi everyone,


So I purchased the Brand New Rodecaster Pro Audio mixer and have connected it to my PC via the USB C connection. Everything shows up fine and have updated to the newest version. I immediately ran into problems with playback of audio. 


So I tested everything by playing a youtube video, everything sounded fine and then as soon as I stopped the video I got a high pitched tone, which only went when I loaded another audio source, Sometimes however the only thing that stops this is to power the unit off and on again. This happened on both versions of the software. The other problem I have is at totally random times everything will become distorted, again if I chose  a different output and then go back it resets it but again its just a matter of time before it happens again. It seems to happen more when I change programmes etc. I have used a zoom H6 as an interface as well as a Behringer 1204 USB and have never run into this problem before.


I am just spit balling while I wait for Rode to get back to me, on the off chance there is anything I can try to resolve this. Any help would be awesome




CPU: Ryzen 1700x

Mobo: ROG Crosshair Hero VI

RAM: 32gb Corsair 3000MHZ DDR4

GPU: Asus Strix GTX1080ti

PSU: Corsair TXM 650 Watt power supply

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Hey Mustybruce,

We are having the exact same problem, did you get any response from Rode about this as we can't find anything about it or a fix.


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