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Hotswappable mechs under 150$

So I am looking for new KB and I want it hot swappable and not spend over 100$ (I don't need switches and keycaps just board). I also need it to be TKL or 60% and to be full RGB (detachable cable would be good too).  So far I found GMMK TKL  and  Tecware Phantom 87. GMMK TKL really attracts me with his look and features and the only thing that is meh is light are not bright enough (I actually need it to be bright so orange can be orange etc.) and some people say it's meh in general (btw I like it's loud stabilizers) while Tecware Phantom is really great for price but I am not sure if I can change stabilizers,it's cable is not detachable and BIGGEST problem about this one is it's limitation to outemu which is not good as I am planning to buy various types of switches and test them. Which keyboard should I pick or do you reccomend me one that fits my needs (compatibility with other switches and not just outemu would be really appreciated).

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