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CPU and Case Fans ignoring the bios settings


I've tried everything so im pretty desperate here. I just built my first pc and am having issues with the fan speed. 

First off Parts list: 

Fractal Meshify C case

Asus Strix b350-f Gaming mobo

ryzen 5 1600x 

gskill 16gb (2x8gb) 3200 ddr4 

corsair 650 psu

4 corsair ll120 rbg fans 

cryorig c7 cpu cooler


So I go into the UFEI and set all the fan curves to manual. They are all running in PWM mode. When I am in the bios the fans run silently like they should, however as soon as windows boots they all kick into 100% usage. My cpu temps are in the low 30s so i have no idea whats causing them to do this. I've made sure they are all connected to the proper headers. I have updated the bios, i have updated windows and nothing seems to help. If anyone has any idea I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks guys!

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Do you have Asus software installed in Windows?

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