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M.2 SSD in Old Laptop Help


Hi everyone,


I have an old generic 2012 laptop I'm looking to speed it up by replacing its slow 7mm 2.5in hard drive (boot drive).

I also already have this m.2 SSD: https://www.amazon.com/Hynix-512GB-solid-state-HFS512G39MND-3510A/dp/B015H2ZAXC


I was hoping it would be possible to use an adapter and have this replace my slow boot drive. (for example this adapter: https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-2-5in-Adapter-Converter-SAT32M225/dp/B00ITJ7U20)


Would this work? And if so is there anything that I need to do to make it work?

I'm fairly new with m.2 SSDs and all that (but I've seen a few techquickie videos), any help is greatly appreciated, thanks ?


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When you use a SATA adapter, it usually clears up issues related to m.2 compatibility, so you should be good to go.

I WILL find your ITX build thread, and I WILL recommend the SIlverstone Sugo SG13B


Primary PC:

i7 8086k (won) - EVGA Z370 Classified K - G.Skill Trident Z RGB - WD SN750 - Jedi Order Titan Xp - Hyper 212 Black (with RGB Riing flair) - EVGA G3 650W - dual booting Windows 10 and Linux - Black and green theme, Razer brainwashed me.

Draws 400 watts under max load, for reference.


Linux Proliant ML150 G6:

Dual Xeon X5560 - 24GB ECC DDR3 - GTX 750 TI - old Seagate 1.5TB HDD - dark mode Ubuntu (and Win7, cuz why not)


How many watts do I need? Seasonic Focus thread, PSU misconceptions, protections explainedgroup reg is bad

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