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Is this coil whine ? RX 580


Hello guys,

I just bought a new graphic card on Amazon because my old one died and I recieved it today but after uninstalling all nvidia drivers ect, I plugged my new RX580 into my pc, download the lastest driver (18.12.3) and installed it. So far so good, card really silent because it's semi passive fans, then I fired up a game to try freesync and that's when I heard like an electrical buzz sound. It was loud at first because the game was running 140+ fps then I turned on Vsync and it was quieter but still very annoying sound because I tried to maxed out the silent of my rig with silent pwm fans and cooler

The card is a RX 580 4gb Asus Dual OC, all stock settings. It was sold and dispatched by Amazon and marked as new so it is not a used card. I got it for 177€ so I kinda want to keep it because there's no other RX580 at that price tag in my area but does it hurt the gpu in any ways or just acoustic ?

I had a RX 480 2 years ago and I remember having kinda the same sound but with more higher pitch, switched to a 980 because of that sound. Since then I fully changed my rig and power supply for a Seasonic 550w gold. I've had GTX460, 760 and 980 and never had a noise like that, does AMD GPU all have this buzzy noise ? 

Here's a sample of the sound, recorded it with the mic of my earphones so not top quality but focus on the first and a half sec, you can cleary hear it before the mic switch to the fans noises. Headphone recommanded.

(Also it seems I can't make freesync works ? Actived it on both my gpu and monitor, turned off vsync, limited the framerate at 74fps in radeon settings but my game was still running over 140fps. Am I missing something ?)

Thank you for reading 

RX580 Noise.m4a

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