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youtube notifications on smartphones


Hello everybody!

Until yesterday, I received on my Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus GT-S7580 notifications. On my central mobile phone screen, new videos notifications arrived on my youtube channels that uploaded new videos. Channels that I subscribed and notified it.

In a second smartphone, Lenovo A319, I logged in to Youtube app with same gmail account. I also there, in youtube settings, turned on to receive notifications. It does not work. I do not receive notifications. But, unfortunately, now, notifications stopped working on Galaxy too. On Galaxy I did not change any youtube settings.


On both phones youtube app, receiving notifications is set to on. And, if I go to a desktop, on youtube account settings, on notifications, it is set up on "push" respective adjustment. As far as I know, push means exactly that:to receive notifications on mobile phones.


What could I do in order to make it receive notifications on both smartphones?


ps For sure new videos have been uploaded from channels that I have subscribed.


Thank you !

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