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Promise VessRAID 1830i Storage Server


Hello Linus Tech Tips Community


I am writing this input, because I need help with a VessRaid 1830i Server. I bought this on from a private person very cheap.




About the server:

- It runs iSCSI connections

- Support 12 drives


When I bought it, I was told two IP-adresses which would allow me to connect to the Server through ISCSI-iniator on windows. The IP's where and I have tried both, but iSCSI-iniator says they are unreachable. 


So my problem is, that I don't know enough about servers as a newcommer to this subject. I don't know how to find the correct IP-address or how to check which server OS is running on the server, (or if there is anything running as all).


If anyone can help me with the problem or point me in the proper direction, I would be gratefull.


Please ask, if I left out some detail which might help narrow down the problem.


I have attached two pictures of the server I/O.



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Hi there ,


I’m going to preference this by saying I have very limited knowledge in this area but ill try to help as much as possible .


To configure a server like this you need an emulator that allows you to view the server as it were a regular PC with a GUI interface. There are a couple of programs out there like PuTTY that will do this for you. This will allow you to configure the server.


About the iP addresses . When using them the , that’s the IPv4 IP address . This is what your network identity’s your device with so it can communicate on the local network . The is what is known as the subnet mask of the device . 


As for the operating system . I assume that its running FreeBSD for a storage server but that’s just a guess .


As i said I’m just learning about networking on my degreee so i hope this advice helps to point you in the right direction .

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You download putty on a device that is on the network like a laptop or desktop that is on your network . 


Also make sure that you connect the server via the Mgmt port so that your network recognises the device .

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