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i5 3230m stuck at 1.2GHz

I've got this laptop that is running into some strange issues regarding turbo boost:

With a 2 core sustained load the CPU turbos up to 3GHz and used to stay around 2.6GHz to 2.8Ghz (sometimes for days).  Now I can't get it to stay above base clock for more than an hour, after which it stays at 1.2GHz regardless of CPU temperature or workload.  I am wondering why this has started happening, as it is a relatively new phenomenon that has started occurring within the last few weeks.


It's probably worth mentioning what I use this laptop for:

  • Rendering animation/3D scenes created in Blender
  • Exporting/transcoding videos in Adobe Media Encoder
  • Basically anything that requires a large of computation time that I don't want my main computer to be doing while I'm trying to use it.

These are the power options

  • power plan is set to High Performance
  • maximum CPU state is set to 100%
  • minimum CPU state is set to 100%
  • System cooling policy is set to active


Issue persists when computer is rebooted via Start -> Restart

Issue sometimes disappears when computer is rebooted via Start -> Shutdown

The CPU temperature never exceeds 100°C.



Thanks for reading

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