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Hey everyone!


I have saved enough money to buy myself a new PC but don‘t quite know what and how. I want a small mini ITX PC with either an RTX 2080 or GTX 1080 ti and a good cpu preferably from Intel. I need it to be portable since my parents are divorced and I want to take from house to house. I have never built a PC. I know thermals are an issue with these small PCs and I don‘t quite know if an RTX 2080 makes sense in such a small pc. Any ideas what I should go for? Are there any guides/tutorials since the last thing I want is to mess it up? My max budget is 1600€ (keep in mind that rtx 2080 is around 620€ in EU).


Thanks in advance!

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What country are you in? That can also affect prices quite a bit.

Here's a possible build list: PCPartpicker

Some problems/things to think about with the list:

  • Motherboard: Another motherboard may be cheaper and better for your case. I don't know tons about 'em.
  • RAM: Although this is running single-channel, it'll allow you to upgrade in the future.
  • CPU cooler: It says it won't fit, but the real maximum height is ~77mm for the SG13B. You'd need to flip the mounting bracket upside down to get it. 77mm would leave you with no clearance, so a 65 mm cooler is reasonable.
  • CPU: The 2600x isn't the best CPU, but I don't know what better one to choose (depends on excess budget). If you post a
  • SSD: I'm running with a M.2 because of the form factor. The 970 Evo is unreasonable expensive (at least in France), so I opted for the 860 evo.
  • GPU: I couldn't find much pricing on 2080s, so I slid in a 1080. Generally, the heat shouldn't be too big of a problem in this case. If you can find a 2080 for a good deal, you should upgrade the PSU a bit.

This list is far from perfect, but it's a place to start.

Fan Comparisons          F@H          PCPartPicker         Analysis of Market Trends (Coming soon? Never? Who knows!)

Designing a mITX case. Working on aluminum prototypes.

Open for intern / part-time. Good at maths, CAD and airflow stuff. Dabbled with Python.

Please fill out this form! It helps a ton! https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/841400-the-poll-to-end-all-polls-poll/

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After 2 years of looking for a perfect do it all laptop I realized I do not want to carry around all the time a laptop worth so much money, so at the end I'm thinking to buy a very portable and affordable laptop for productivity and leaving at home all the performance.

I am thinking too for a mini ITX with a GTX 1080ti (motherboard with possible compatibility with future RTX cards but it's not mandatory) but I know shit about building PCs, in fact I've been a Mac user for the past 15 years. I'm sick and tired of making compromises and having shitty technical supports that basically tells me to go fuck myself and either replace the whole motherboard or better buy a new mac every time a small fix is needed. I want to go back to PCs, play some decent games and having easier access to repairs.

To be quite frank with you, I'm aiming for a Intel NUC Hades or a newer 2019 model since I don't have to care about components, just ram and storage, but before going through with it, does anyone know of anyone selling on the internet complete builds ready to be used since I lack the experience to build it myself? Otherwise I'm going with the NUC and a egpu.

One more thing. Does anyone know an aproximate esimate for a Mini PC build with a GTX1080ti, 8ThGen i7 CPU, 16GB or ram?

Thank you.

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