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adobe premiere will not work with gtx 1070 gpu

So my question of interest, I do some video editing and I have a fairly decent computer alien where 17.3 R5 with an Intel i7 8750 H CPU 16 gigs of RAM running Windows 10 my graphics card is the Nvidia GTX 1070, no matter what I do and what settings I adjust it's constantly using the graphics card based off of my Intel chip. Even after calling Adobe and having them remote desktop on my machine I was still showing that all processes were being utilized by the Intel chips graphics card that's integrated into my i7. I was literally told that Adobe understands that the GTX 1070 is known to have issues and they will eventually come out with an update that would fix this. I was wondering if anyone has run into or figured out a way around this issue other than just disabling the i7 graphics card. I figure this form would be the best place to ask a question such as this?

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