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Does this motherboard support my ram?

Hello I'm trying to build a rig for extreme gaming and designing.

I want to know if Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K7 can support G.skill SNIPER X 16GB 8GBX2 3600Mhz CL19 DDR4 ram with Ryzen 7 1800x for cpu. Also I didn't saw anyone to build this motherboard with Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 500GB for ssd does it support this as well?


Here is my full build:

Motherboard: Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K7

Cpu: Ryzen 7 1800x

Ram: G.skill SNIPER X 16GB 8GBX2 3600Mhz CL19 DDR4

Ssd: Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 500GB

Hhd: WD gold 6tb.


Case: Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Mid-Tower Case


And for power I plan to use Cooler Master V750 80Plus Gold Full Modular PSU but I don't know if its enough or not.

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Chances are no, it will not support that memory at a full 3600mhz. Most gen 1 Ryzen boards usually cap out around the 2933-3200mhz range out of the box. WIth that said, you might be able to tweak with timings and voltages etc and get it to 3600mhz, but likely as XMP, no it will most likely not work. 

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For the M.2 . You will be fine . Your MoBo will support it . As for the power supply , that should also be enough . Just to double check, put all your parts into a website called PC part picker (absolute god send for anyone building pcs) and it will tell you the overall output of the system . 


As for the RAM check the manufactures website. On there , there should be a list of supported memory as I do know RYZEN  is quite picky with what RAM it likes.

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