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H100i Block and pump 360Rad?

Good day  


I think it should be fine, but just need some assurance.


I moded my Z11plus Case. 

Added a basement, removed all drive cages, custom fan mounts 3x120 both top and in front.

I also made my own RGB fans to control them from my Mobo.


With all that in mind. 

I want to keep all as is, Like the look of my H100i pump.

But with the mods to the case, I would like to have a 360mm rad in the top of my case. 


Should be fine if I swap the 2 rads from the AiO in the Pics?


I am from South Africa.  a 360 rad alone is around $25 more than the 360 aio, hens the reason I am going this route.


P.S.  Sorry if there ar spelling crimes in this post.







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