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Dell XPS 15 9550 Slowly Freezes




I bought my XPS new a couple of years ago and frustratingly spilt concentrate (a liquid you add to water for a better taste) all over the laptop. After taking it apart and drying it out, miraculously it started working again, but not without issues. Over the two years, I've replaced the battery and palm rest (through the free battery replacement), the keyboard (keys no longer worked properly) and the SSD (swapped 512gb base SSD for a 256gb Samsung 960 EVO). The laptop runs flawlessly, besides the odd freeze.


The laptop will slowly crash/freeze, if I'm connected to a Bluetooth speaker, that will fail first, while the laptop still functions fine. After a short while, maybe thirty seconds, I will no longer be able to interact with the taskbar whatsoever (this order is consistent and is how I test if the laptop has frozen), I will still be able to interact with the browser I have open just fine though. Finally, if I wait long enough, the mouse will freeze up. As of recent, the laptop has never bluescreened and simply stays frozen. I am forced to hard reset the laptop (holding the power button) and then everything runs fine again, though I have noticed it happen more frequently after rebooting assuming I try to use it straight after.


Something to note: the laptop has never frozen straight away, it will usually be about thirty minutes to an hour of usage before the crash occurs - if it does.


I have tried:

  • Fully formatting (probably five times now)
  • Removing either RAM stick
  • Manually setting all battery saver settings to maximum performance
  • Testing it while plugged in/unplugged (no difference)


I understand this is likely to be a lost cause and I probably would need a new CPU/motherboard, but there's always the off chance that it's a software issue or simple hardware fault.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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