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LGA1155 and 1060?


I have been craving on for a new PC a lot lately. 1060 would fit my needs pretty well, as I play R6 Siege mostly and some Battlefield. I have HP Pavilion PC from 2011 running I7 2600 3,4 and Radeon HD 7570. 


So, I was wondering, if a GTX1060 would fit my current case, could my motherboard and processor handle it? I have read a bit and found out people have done it, but that's been on Youtube comments and BF forums, which I'm sure I could trust 100%. 

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yah that fine

I spent $2500 on building my PC and all i do with it is play no games atm & watch anime at 1080p(finally) watch YT and write essays...


The Toaster Project! Northern Bee!


The original LAN PC build log! (Old, dead and replaced by The Toaster Project & 5.0)


"Here is some advice that might have gotten lost somewhere along the way in your life. 


#1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

#2. It's best to keep your mouth shut; and appear to be stupid, rather than open it and remove all doubt.

#3. There is nothing "wrong" with being wrong. Learning from a mistake can be more valuable than not making one in the first place.


Follow these simple rules in life, and I promise you, things magically get easier. " - MageTank 31-10-2016



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