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Mini freezes ingame


Hello everyone,


Recently I've been experienceing some sort of mini freezes while playing games.They last from 0.5 s to 3,4 s which is very disturbing.I've been playing with msi afterburner a little bit(with the graph) and afterall went back to base settings,freezes still persists.I played with XTU too,currently at -0.150V due to lower temps then no undervolt at all. I have to mention that my CPU frequency stays above 3.5 mGhz at all times,with or without XTU wihtout anything major running as it can be seen. HDD stays 100% sometimes and that makes my laptop almost impossible to use, can;t test if that;s the problem atm until I buy a new one(SSD).Untill then,the pcoressor stuff makes me question if it;'s normal to run like it;'s running right now.DNFSsM.png



Another interesting fact,in OCCT it sais the processor is  %  overclocked ? (I found about this program after browsing on the forum).








Here is MSI afterburner photo,no changed at all  6Ym4SM.png



OCCT results after ~15 minutes




System info:

Lenovo Legion y530

i5 8300H

gtx 1050 ti

8gb ram ddr 4  2666 MGhz


Thanks in advance and I'm sorry for the long post.

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