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What type of Power Connector is this???


Pretty much as the title says, what power connecter is this, as I need to do Fun/Stupid stuff with it to make it power two hard drive banks rather than 1 (because FrankenToast is being worked on currently (post will come later, maybe, as it is stupid and included a grinder to make)) I need to buy a couple of these and go from there, I think, other option is soldering and electrical tape (I don't own a heat gun for heat shrink :( ) which is a stupid option



image 1




image 2


The owner of "too many" computers, called

The Lord of all Toasters (1920X 1080ti 32GB)

The Toasted Controller (i5 4670, R9 380, 24GB)

The Semi Portable Toastie machine (i7 3612QM (was an i3) intel HD 4000 16GB)'

Bread and Butter Pudding (i7 7700HQ, 1050ti, 16GB)

Pinoutbutter Sandwhich (raspberry pi 3 B)

The Portable Slice of Bread (N270, HAHAHA, 2GB)

Muffinator (C2D E6600, Geforce 8400, 6GB, 8X2TB HDD)

Toastbuster (WIP, should be cool)

loaf and let dough (A printer that doesn't print black ink)

The Cheese Toastie (C2D (of some sort), GTX 760, 3GB, win XP gaming machine)

The Toaster (C2D, intel HD, 4GB, 2X1TB NAS)

Matter of Loaf and death (some old shitty AMD laptop)

windybread (4X E5470, intel HD, 32GB ECC) (use coming soon, maybe)

And more, several more

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It's a 12 Pin power connector for proprietary motherboards. Regular on big SIs such as Dell, HP, Acer, etc. You can get 24-pin ATX to 12-pin connectors - it's used for mainboard power. 


Hope this helps.

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