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Full Screen Games Shifting Resolution On Second Monitor


Hey there, as title says...


Any recommendations are welcome!


Not, non-'fullscreen-windowed' but rather purely just Fullscreen games are starting to shift my right monitors resolution all over the place, leaving unusable black spaces on the screen. 


Screenshot 1: image1.jpg?width=791&height=594

Screenshot 2: image0.jpg


Heres the information I can really tell you from what I know...


Monitor on the left is my main display, DVI-D, 1080P

Monitor on the right, secondary, HDMI, 1080P

I have swapped the HDMI cable, still happens. 

Games are all run at native res

I have no idea of the monitors model on the right, was a gift 4 years ago.

Can be fixed by turning off the monitor and turning it back on, BUT WILL REOCCUR WHEN ALT TABBING OR OPENING A FULL SCREEN GAME AGAIN


They're both plugged into a GTX 1070 Gigabyte Windforce, and the second monitor only has VGA and HDMI input, and I've only got a HDMI cable and no VGA slots on the gpu.

| i'm bad at games, but play them anyways |

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