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Spyder5 Elite isn't loading the calibration



I was using Spyder5 Elite before on a single monitor setup and never had any issue with it. Now I have two monitors and it has some issues.

BenQ XL2540 (1080p 240hz TN)
Asus PB278QR (1440p 60hz IPS)

It worked for the first 2 days and now it won't load any profiles, colors etc. I can tell that the calibration isn't enabled because when I disable it from the icon tray it looks exactly the same.

I went also to: Settings > Display > Advanced disply settings > Display adaptor properties for Display 1 > Colour Management > and the ICC Profile is set to the current profile "BenQ XL2540 28.12.18.icm" and the "Use my settings for this device" is also checked.


I'm getting slowly pissed by all these companies who can't make just simple programs work, just work. I'm spending more time fixing stuff on windows10 than using it or playing games.

AMD FX8320 | GTX660 | 4x4GB DDR3 | LG ZR2740W

Logitech Wireless Pro  | Logitech G413 | Nuforce uDAC5  | AKG K612

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