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i7 3770 overclocking 4 bins above


I will buy an i7 3770 tomorrow. I got a good deal since it's only $75. I was originally planning to get an i7 3770K since I will overclock but with a little bit of research, I saw that the i7 3770 can be overclocked a bit. 


4 bins above the max turbo clock which is 3.9GHz. So basically, I can OC it to 4.3GHz. Now there's this other article that said 4.3GHz will only be available on the first core and the second core will be maxed to 4.2then the rest will have a max of 4.1GHz. With this in mind. What's a better overclock. Have the 1st core at 4.3, 2nd at 4.2, then 3rd and 4th core at 4.1 or have them all at 4.1GHz? 

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