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Display Suggestions for Allround-Use


I want to upgrade my 27" Full HD Display, that was good for gaming but since i started my master in digital-healthcare and do a lot of coding and also some video-editing and photo-editing, I get head aches and also my eyes are getting tired within 2 hours (already checked with my doctors).


There are some minimum specs I'm looking for:

- 21:9 Ratio

- 1440p

- 29"-34"

- 75-100 Hz

- 100% sRGB (or very close)

- slight curve (2500 - 3800 mm; i want to use it also for viewing movies so anything with a radius under 2,5 meters would be to close for viewing-pleasure)


Thanks in advance.




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BenQ EX3501R

"Mankind’s greatest mistake will be its inability to control the technology it has created."

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1 hour ago, SkyHound0202 said:

BenQ EX3501R

Thanks for the suggestion, ticks nearly all requierements, but with 1800R it has too much curvatur. But thanks non the less

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