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R5 1600 OC LLC settings


Hi all here, I'm attempting to OC my R5 1600 on a ASRock X370 Killer SLI (BIOS v4.80 latest) mobo (first try at OC)

Watching a lot of guides on the web and here's the situation atm:


CPU cooled with a Cooler Master MasterLiquid lite 240, IDLE @  26/27 ºC (from HWMonitor)

                                                                                          LOAD  @ 64 ºC


AMD Cool'n'Quiet Disabled

CPU Clock Ratio -----> 3800

CPU Vcore -----> 1.3250 V


CPU Load Line Calibration set to AUTO (which set Level 5)


A the moment the PC seems stable, I run p95 for about an hour, run also an hour of aida64 and played about 2 hours of PUBG/LOL without issues.

But the question here is about the LLC which I cannot understand completely; I've tried to set it to LEVEL 2 as seen from many other discussions but after that I freeze while doing the a second run of cinebench.

What kind of settings should I use for the LLC?


Thanks in advance 




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