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Air cooling temps on 4770k/RX570 4GB Gigabyte


I have Cooler Master Enforcer case, but used case/cpu/mobo combo which I got from friend are missing some things, backplate on mobo, some smaller metal plates behind so I needed to modify some things and close those holes with for example some small parts of thin fiber which are basically as dust filters and I'm cleaning them. Same thing I did for upper 2 outtake fans and front 200mm intake fan (despite having filter a lot of small dust comes in nontheless). On bottom intake near PSU I do have filter (it's coming with case) and do job fine.


Fact is, I HATE dust more then anything.




This is gathered for 6 months in room which is near balcon (during summer) on front intake 200m filter.. So you got my point why I needed to make "custom" replacement for dust filters which doesn't come on Enforcer for top and back fans.


So just to be clear I'm not looking to throw money toward PC anymore, just making sure are these temps fine for longer term gaming. On 4770k there is some I assume bad air T4 CM cooler (10c higher then on my evo212 around 3 years ago).


This is after 30-60 minutes of intensive gaming. Is it basically fine ?




I hate seeing 60c+ on CPU since I never had over 59c on EVO212 butt I can't make upgrades at the moment :(




About GPU, I undervolted it by a small margine, to 1.125v. I overclocked it to 1300mhz (core clock), and I set target temp 68c with 2450 RPM max speed which is ~59% fans of max which I can do (3700RPM). But on 65% it's getting loud and annoying without headsets (when I'm not using them), so this is highest RPM that I can go yet I get concerned about temps.


Having everything on mind, is this okay for sometimes even 8+  hours of gaming in temps as these ?


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CPU is fine up to 80-90C with normal load temps for stock clocks and heavy load being 70-80C on smaller coolers. For GPU going over 85C is high though you are fine up until 95C. Normal load is 75-85C.


I have same CPU, OC'd and with much better cooler. Maxing at 74C, normal load at 67C. My GPU is reference with blower fan and restricted fan profile. So under intensive gaming it goes to 83C.


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