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No display from Asus RX 570


Hi All.


Have had this problem for an unbelievable amount of time now. Basically I get a display from my mobo and not my GPU. Everything is installed correctly in my PC. Had it in at a specialist and this was his report: "Tested other video cards on existing parts and posted, tested his video cards on 3 other intel CPU/MB's and worked fine, tested all existing parts on a Asus A320M-E mainboard and did not post." I then asked him what I should do and he told me to purchase a gaming motherboard and try that as he believed it was an incompatibility. Got a brand new Asus B450-F Gaming ROG STRIX and guess what. No display from the gpu. 


Dumbfounded as to what it could be now. Any help would be appreciated. All the basic steps such as remounting RAM, clearing CMOS etc has been done to death by now. 




AMD Ryzen 2400g 

Geil Evo FORZA 2x4GB 2400mhz ram

Asus B450-F Gaming ROG STRIX

WD Blue 1TB 

Aerocool RAVE 800W PSU 


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