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Android phone under $240-ish


I've been looking for a decent phone for under $240 and I was wondering if you all had any suggestions. I'd like it to have at least 32GB of internal storage and 3GB of RAM. An octa-core processor and a decent camera would also be nice. I'd like it to at least be better than my TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro which shouldn't be too hard. I'd also perfer a phone other than a Huawei or a Xiaomi because, well...they seem to be kind of shady. Thanks. :)

Check my profile information. Lol

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Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1)

There is also a second version, with a notched display and Snapdragon 660 which is a tad better for gaming, called Zenfone Max Pro (M2) 

Both models have the same 5,000mAh battery and they come with Micro USB charger.  

There are also some other devices such as:

Lenovo Z5s (SD 710) 

Lenovo K5 Pro (SD 636)

(Both have type - C) 

If you want more info about them, I'm going to put the links below from gsmarena, where you can check more info about these devices:


Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1):




Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M2):




Lenovo Z5s:




Lenovo K5 Pro:



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