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Buying LTE TS9 female antenna adapters


I'm trying to buy TS9 female to SMA female adapters for an LTE extension cord which has SMA connectors but my antenna has TS9 format, but I'm totally not able to find them. There are only male ones (TS9 Male--> SMA Female/Male) What I'm trying to do is basically put a TS9 antenna to an indoor LTE modem, using SMA extension cords, better explained in the following configuration
LTE Modem, TS9 Female -->

TS9 Male adapter to SMA Female --->

SMA Male extension cord to SMA Female 4 meters extension cord --->
Risultati immagini per sma extension cord

SMA Female to ---> TS9 Female ((?)) ---> TS9 Male antenna

And after that, I could just put the TS9 Antenna
 Risultati immagini per ts9 antenna

I know the alternative could be just buying a full TS9 antenna with an extension cord already on it, but what why the hell couldn't I just find the adapters? There are literally TONS of male adapters ones on aliexpress, are those called in another name? 
Please also note that I'm limited to what I can buy in europe
I could also literally rip an SMA antenna to make it compatible with TS9 lmao as another alternative

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