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PSU / CPU / GFX fans ALWAYS spinning (x470 Taichi+2700)


Hey guys


I wonder if anyone could help me with some issues I'm having with my PSU fan and any fan plugged into the mobos CPU fan header. 

Basically, when the machine is in its 'off' state, these fans continue to spin - that is they never stop, unless of course I turn off the main switch on the PSU. 

Now the PSU fan does stop spinning if I disconnect the 24 pin power connector from the board, which leads me to think that it is a BIOS setting, but as I am new to an AMD setup and there are so many settings in the BIOS I don't know where to go or what to do. I have tried to clear CMOS but this hasn't helped. Can anyone comment on what power setting may affect the PSU? The PSU is a fresh EVGA 850w B2 Supernova. My case needs to sit on my carpet and I can't have the fan going all the time!

The CPU fan also always spins, even when the pc is off, and I can find the settings for it, but I don't seem to be able to stop it when the pc is off!


I also recently discovered that the graphics card fans are also spinning, regardless of whether the main power cables are in or not.


Again any help would be greatly appreciated.

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